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Our experience with middle and high school Engineering Design projects enables us to develop transdisciplinary challenges suitable for gifted programs. The collaborative and systems-thinking nature of Engineering along with authentic challenges creates a platform that encourages student-led learning and entrepreneurial thinking. We can help you give your gifted program a structure that allows for growth and customization.



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Discover what 12 of our partner high schools have learned - you don’t have to be an engineer to design and teach an Engineering course. Engineering Design is one of four Disciplinary Core areas of the Next Generation Science Standards. It is also a great way to get diverse and creative learners excited about STEM fields. We work with teachers to customize project-based learning courses based on their own interests as well as the needs of their students. If you are interested in implementing an elective course dedicated to Engineering, we can provide detailed curriculum as well as training and support for your personnel. We work to tailor your course to fit your vision and your teacher’s interests and expertise.


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The ability to think creatively and to innovate will be key to future career success. ProjectEngin will work with you to re-engineer your science curriculum for the 21st century. We employ a project-based approach supported by the “Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning” approach to scientific inquiry and by the Engineering Design Process. We are committed to creating an engaging learning experience and increasing real-world relevance in your classroom. We truly believe that the primary goal of middle school science should be to encourage students to enjoy science and engineering and to see the impact that STEM has in their lives.

Two of our most exciting middle school STEAM and design-based curriculum programs have been in use since 2015.  Our life sciences based STEAM enrichment course, highlights biomimicry and bioengineering. Our complete three-year middle school NGSS curriculum is thematically-oriented and links science concepts with quarterly Engineering Design projects, providing authentic performance tasks that highlight all three dimensions of the standards.


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