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The ProjectEngin philosophy is simple… the most effective learning occurs through doing. That is why we view Engineering as the active connecting word in STEM and STEAM. Everything we do starts with developing a culture of creative problem-solving in your school and classrooms.

We work with educators to support the evolution of learning from the traditional content-based model to a skills-focused approach designed to give students the tools they need to become lifelong learners. We are convinced that sustainable change in the classroom works best when it is evolutionary, not revolutionary, starting from where you are and moving to the next level.

No classroom is a blank slate. Teachers know that every student adds a unique component to the learning environment. Our professional development and curriculum offerings are designed to help teachers tap into and leverage the wide range of knowledge, talent, and skills present in every classroom. We view everyone as a learner, students and teachers alike, and we believe that learning should be an active and collaborative adventure designed to make connections beyond classroom walls. Young people need more than the facts and concepts that make up your curriculum. Engineers use critical thinking (to define problems and evaluate solutions), creativity (to consider new and multiple options), and collaboration (to leverage and synthesize the talents and knowledge of experts from a range of backgrounds). These skills should be a part of learning in all classrooms.

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