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From professional development services to curriculum, our products are focused on enabling your teachers to implement Engineering Design practices and activities in their classrooms. In our experience, that first step is the hardest part of change. So, we design workshops to be highly interactive and centered on the goal of having participants implement at least one new resource or idea in their classrooms as soon as possible. We provide easy to implement resources and suggestions to help teachers customize them to their needs. And we are always available for follow-up advice and support.

Our curriculum modules are developed through an extensive piloting and feedback process. The result is a series of comprehensive, standards-based Engineering Design projects developed to meets the needs of diverse 21st century learners. Our projects always utilize our copyrighted Engineering Notebook, which has been developed to provide an intuitive format for documenting and managing the Engineering Design Process. Whether students are designing better sources of home lighting, educational board games, new traffic patterns, or more sustainable packaging, they rely on a familiar problem-solving and design process. This allows them, and you, time to delve more deeply into content and creativity.

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ProjectEngin's co- and extra-curricular offerings center on our innovative “Engineering a Better World” STEM fair program. Contact us to learn more about this program and the over 40 schools involved in it. Our workshops, Teacher’s Guide, and Student Handbook provide the training, resources, and support that you need to transform the traditional science fair experience into a collaborative, creative, and authentic learning opportunity for middle school students.

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