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We work to provide teachers with the tools that they need to design their own Engineering Design projects, but we also have several core curriculum modules that can help you jumpstart your new approach to learning.


Contact us to learn more about any of the following.

Nature-inspired Engineering/Biomimicry


Our biomimicry curriculum focuses on using nature-inspired design to engineer sustainable solutions to real world problems. Middle and high school students follow the Engineering Design Process and apply the lessons used in Nature’s 3.5 billion years of research and development. Younger students look for the symmetry and simplicity in nature’s design. Full student and teacher resources, worksheets, and organizers for projects dealing with structures, adhesives, packaging, camouflage, and systems are available.

Math Matters: Highlighting the M in STEM and STEAM

Analyzing the data

Bring Engineering Design into your math classes with our math-based projects. Make graphing and Big Data come alive with our Visual Math project where students engineer impactful visualizations of world issues to create engagement and  awareness. Create a Widget Assembly Line to highlight rates, efficiency, and planning. Analyze inputs, outputs, and functions with our Water Footprint Engineering challenges.

Adding the A: Going from STEM to STEAM

Cars Structure

Good design is critical to any Engineering project. Further engage the creative talent in your classroom through projects that highlight visual arts. From mobiles and kinetic sculpture to pictorial instructions and packaging design, our curriculum modules prove that art can be part of a wide range of Engineering Design projects and activities. 

Engineering Happily Ever After

Colorful Book Spines

All good stories have a problem that needs to be solved. Young engineers become more engaged in the books they read when they can design a solution to those problems. Whether it means better housing for the Three Little Pigs or a GPS tracking device for Prince Charming, we have projects engineered to get young readers more engaged in characters, plots, and connections. 


World Peace

Our comprehensive EngineerGOOD curriculum consists of five 15-20 lesson  modules that focus on solving global issues. Both middle and high school versions are mapped to NGSS and Common Core standards. Whether you want to include parts of it in a class or combine all the units to create a full course, you will find that it provides valuable opportunities to focus your students on the possibility of solutions not the consequences of problems.  Learn more about it on the following page. 

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