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At ProjectEngin we believe that change in the classroom starts with the teacher and with providing a system of support as they work to implement new instructional models. And since every class is different, it makes sense to bring that support into the classroom in the form of coaching. Coaching lets us meet teachers where they are in their practice, expertise, and classroom environment.

Our coaching model is based on a collaborative approach of developing projects and activities that fit a teacher’s needs and then being onsite to support key phases of implementation. Our support ranges from modeling best practices to providing another set of eyes and ears as the “messiness” of active project-based learning gets underway. Our goal in coaching is to help you develop an internal advocate who can assist colleagues as they try new approaches. We plan, implement, and revise materials with your teachers using guidelines they can share with others. Contact us today to learn how our coaching services can help you implement professional development with lasting impact.



“Quick Tip” videos about different stages of the Engineering Design Process



Case studies of two projects we developed with teachers as we implemented a coaching model

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