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Boost critical and creative thinking with the engineering design process.

No matter the subject or grade, giving students
engineering design challenges encourages creativity, communication, innovation, and collaboration. Throughout the book, you will find more than 25 easy-entry, low-risk
engineering activities and projects you can begin immediately incorporating into existing classwork.

Topics explored in Designing The Future include:

  • Explore the engineering design process (EDP) and unpack its stages: problem definition, research, brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and optimizing.


  • Understand how incorporating engineering for students creates a project-based learning environment that encourages essential 21st century skills, including creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

  • Receive reflection tools that will empower you to revise and re-engineer activities and projects.

  • Learn how to develop and adapt engineering design process projects for various grade levels and disciplines.

  • Incorporate elements of engineering and STEAM education lesson plans into your current classroom content.

  • Empower students to embrace the fundamentals of engineering design thinking, including: there is always more to learn, your solution will create problems, and there is no one right answer.

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