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EngineerGOOis a STEM learning experience focused on the possibility of engineering a better future for all, one project at a time. EngineerGOOstandards-based curriculum modules connect the world to your STEM classes. Each of these 15-20 lesson modules are designed to weave global view, cultural empathy, science, math, and Engineering into meaningful real-world learning contexts that bring authentic project-based learning to your middle and high school classroom. The EngineerGOOD focus on solutions, not problems, empowers and engages the engineer present in every learner.

Contact us to learn about training and curriculum that can help you bring global issues into your classrooms and empower your students to envision a better world, one place, one project at a time.

Features of all EngineerGOOD modules include:

Teacher planning guides and background resources


Activities and worksheets connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


Student documents and graphic organizers


ProjectEngin’s proprietary Engineering Notebook


A systems thinking focus, highlighting impacts and connections


An Engineering Design framework that stresses empathy for the end-user and the role of technology in different cultures


Modular design that allows for customization of content, time, and learner ability


Summative and formative assessment guides and resources


Current module topics include the following:

Lighting the World  with picoPV Technologies

Disaster-resilient Housing

Sustainable Solutions to Food and Farming

Clean Water for All

Plastics Everywhere

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