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A Journey in SpaceTime

Every science class should be about the amazing amount of imagination we need to un-ravel it all!

I have spent the past four days at a Physics Conference that consisted primarily of 3 days of workshops. I came home fully intending to go for a walk (or trek as they like to call it here) along the Southern Ridges, a series of inter-connected parks along the ridge behind my neighborhood. It seemed like a good idea after being inside for so many 9 hour days. But some ominous dark clouds are gathering and it looks a lot like yesterday afternoon when nighttime arrived at 3 pm and there was almost three solid hours of incredible thunder and torrential rain. I don’t think trekking along canopy walks is such a good idea at the moment. Plus my head is full of some really good thoughts, so I decided to write.

The workshops I just attended were conducted by the Perimeter Institute, a Canadian theoretical physics research and outreach…

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