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                         Engineering for Your Classroom


Our curriculum products consist of comprehensive modules complete with the teacher and student resources, worksheets, and organizers needed to implement a successful Engineering Design project. Our materials have been classroom-tested and reviewed by grade-level and subject area experts. All of our curriculum modules include grade-level appropriate versions of our copyrighted Engineering Notebook. Trained and licensed teachers access our curriculum through a dedicated online site allowing us to update and supplement materials as needed.


EngineerGOOD™ is a STEM learning experience focused on the possibility of engineering a better future for all, one project at a time.

This curriculum consists of projects, activities, and resources designed to focus on local solutions to global challenges. Each of the modules begins with a UN Sustainable Development Goal and then asks students to focus on related issues in a specific region of the world. EngineerGOOD helps young people to see that we all share common challenges but that we must deal with the constraints of the resources available to us. Our curriculum stresses our shared humanity and celebrates our local cultures and technologies. There is a strong focus on empathy and empowerment. Students are challenged to tackle issues such as access to water, disaster-resilient housing, sustainable design, and energy needs on a small scale, local basis. Bring global view and Engineering Design into your classroom with this highly transdisciplinary approach. More details about features, training, and licensing can be found here.


Design by Nature: Bio-inspired Engineering

Our Biomimicry curriculum focuses on using nature-inspired design to engineer sustainable solutions to real world problems. Each of the modules begins with a challenge that requires students to follow Nature's lead in designing solutions that benefit both people and the planet. All of the modules are based on employing the principles of biomimicry and learning from Nature's 3.8 billion years of research and development in engineering sustainable solutions. The modules use the Engineering Design Process to provide a framework to apply science, mathematics, design, and systems thinking to engineer solutions. Contact us to learn about planned workshops and purchasing information. Bring biomimicry into your STEM classes!



Engineering Happily Ever After

Engage young learners (Grades K-4) with Engineering Design Challenges based on literature. Students identify the design challenge or problem facing characters in fairy tales or children’s literature and then follow the Engineering Design Process to create a prototype of a solution. All of these modules meet NGSS grade-level standards for Engineering practices and core ideas. Encourage your students to be civil engineers like the Three Little Pigs or ergonomics experts like Goldilocks! Contact us for more information and pricing.


Engineering Everything

There is an Engineering story behind everything in the designed world that surrounds every day. Our projects range from traditional building challenges such as bridge design and mousetrap cars, to math and art-based projects such as packaging and game design. We use the Engineering Design Process to create a framework for project-based learning. This enables teachers to employ similar teaching practices and models as they move from project to project. Our hope is that teachers can eventually use our framework to create their own Engineering projects and activities. Every project contains background resources and activities, our Engineering Notebook forms, planning documents, and assessment guides and rubrics. Each features clear connections to core curricular concepts and relevant standards. Teachers who take part in our regional and certain onsite workshops receive one of these modules as part of their resources. Think about replacing some of your traditional science lab projects with Engineering Design challenges. Contact us to learn how we can help you to begin Engineering Everything!