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                         Engineering for Your Classroom

Our Clients

Our Clients

We work with individual schools, dioceses, districts, and professional groups. Our customized workshops are always highly rated. We are happy to put you in touch with our clients if you would like to learn more. Here is what some of our participants have to say:

“Great workshop, one of the best! Helpful, informative, useful.” K-4 Literacy Instructor

“The activities were so fun and really required us to think critically and communicate ideas. “ Grade 1 teacher

“Wonderful workshop! Lots of fun and very informative. Speakers were terrific!” Grade 3 teacher

“I have been attending STEM workshops for a year. This is the first time I can actually see clear connections for my subject area. Thanks so much!” Middle school ELA teacher

“Excellent ideas for building a STEM program. Great openings for many of the lessons we present.” Middle school Science teacher

“Engineering design can be used in all disciplines, not just Math and Science. The workshop opened the door for what is needed for greater engagement of students.” High school teacher

“Great project ideas! This will get my students thinking and connecting real world issues.” Middle school teacher

“Fantastic presentation! I learned how I can bring in Engineering to engage my students.” ELA teacher Grades K-4

“Wonderful workshop. I loved the fact the problem-solving approach was introduced. It is about the solution.” Math teacher, grades 5-8

“I truly enjoyed the connections made and the emphasis on design. As an artist/teacher, I love that creativity is the emphasis. I enjoyed the ideas and inspiration and I am looking forward to more!” Teacher preK-8 Art

“Thank you. This has given me resources that I can share with faculty as I direct them in the implementation of the NGSS. The hands-on approach shows how easy this is to do.” Principal

“I cannot wait to share what we did today with my faculty! Thank you!” Principal